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Chinese Brush

Margaret hou Chinn

Margaret Hou Chinn was born in Szechuen, China and grown up in Hong Kong.
At very young age she had passion for arts. She pursued various art studies during her school years , but in all she excelled in Chinese brush painting.  

Among her teachers were Professor Chow Chien-chiu, Leung Chen-ying and Chow Su-sing all internationally acclaimed Chinese brush painting masters.

Moved to Canada in 1975, she continued her arts studied in multi-media in art institutions and colleges.

Since 1986, Margaret has been actively involved in the introduction of Chinese culture and art both through her teaching of Chinese brush painting and in her role as the Founder/President of The Oriental Arts Club of Richmond, B.C. Canada,  

For the past years her works have been extensively exhibited in different cities in North America, England, Australia, South Africa and Asia, receiving many awards.

She was also invited as special guest speaker/lecturer by colleges/universities as well as various Rotary Clubs.

Margaret 's paintings hang among prestigious collections, private and public world-wide, including the National Museum of Civilization in Ottawa, Canada.

Margaret's paintings emphasize the traditional discipline in Chinese art, and yet blended with new ideas influenced by the changing times.

To express the nobility and beauty of Chinese paintings, she strives for new visions and seeks to reach sublimity without forsaking the classical tradition.

Margaret's paintings are vivid, uplifting, lively and spontaneous and always appeal to people with the feeling of strength, beauty, happiness and modern.